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Rebirth: The Epic Adventure of a Career Transformed

Ever since I started this journey of financial advising in July 2019, I’ve wanted to share what I’ve learned. Yes, definitely about what I’ve learned about the world of personal finance and financial planning, but just as importantly, sharing the joys and struggles with reinventing myself and starting from square one in a new industry in my late 40s after having success in my previous career. If I can do it, you can do it.

Hence, this newsletter is a collection of interesting facts, learnings about financial planning, and encouragement and motivation for anyone looking to restart, reset, or otherwise reinvent their career. As long as you truly adopt the notion that we are on a life-long pursuit of learning and knowledge, you can start from square one at any point in life and experience success.

Here’s to all those who have experienced disappointments, unmet expectations, frustrations, self-loath, self-deprecation, and self-doubt. I encourage you to keep going. Keep pushing. There’s a reason why you’re on this journey. Joy always comes on the other side of struggle, only if you keep persevering. You may only be an inch away from striking gold. Do not give up.


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