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"If you want to run fast, run alone.   

 If you want to run far, run together." 

-African Proverb

Service & Fees

Our pricing is simple and easy to understand. We don't sell commission products nor do we receive kickbacks from any people or product we recommend. What you pay is our only compensation. This is the true fee-only model.


Using low-cost ETFs, sprinkled in with individual stocks, mutual funds, bonds, CD's and treasuries, when applicable, we will professionally manage your investment portfolios. Services include:

  • Current holdings review

  • Analyze, research, recommend, and adjust portfolio investments, including model portfolios and/or individual investments

  • Asset allocation

  • Periodic rebalancing

  • Gain/loss harvesting

  • Cash management

  • Investment suitability given your risk tolerance, time horizon, goals, and current financial situation

  • Fiduciary responsibility to ensure recommendations are in your best interest

There is a minimum asset level of $50,000 if you are an investment-only client.

Service Fees Structure | Reach One Teach One Financial | R1T1 | George Kao CFP ChFC CRPC MBA

* Based on total value of all assets under management. Not tiered.


The financial planning process includes a comprehensive review and analysis of your current financial situation (Where are you today?), identifying your financial objectives and goals (Where are you going?), and a detailed personal recommendation, including specific steps and time frames, to achieve those goals (How do I get there?).


Some areas we review include:

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Debt management

  • Risk mitigation

  • Investment and portfolio management

  • Income tax analysis

  • Estate planning

Initial Plan Development = $4,800*

New clients begin with a one- to two-month initial planning engagement. 50% is due upon the engagement's signing, and the remaining balance is due upon the presentation of the financial plan.

Annual Plan Update = $3,600** (or $275 per month for Ongoing Plan Monitoring)
Ongoing updates focus on anticipated changes and potential disruptions to your plan. This helps you make proactive financial decisions as your life situation evolves over time. Ongoing plan monitoring includes unlimited contact with your
CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional throughout the year.

* - Depending on the complexity of the situation, the flat fee may be more

** - Updates must be completed no more than 13 months after the initial planning engagement completed by Reach One Teach One Financial.  After that, a new initial planning engagement is required.  Ad-hoc consultation is available at $350/hr throughout the year.

Investment Management

We do not require you to move your portfolio assets to us. However, if you choose to, our professional investment management allows us to fully integrate and execute financial planning strategies in your portfolios. For our financial planning clients, we waive the minimum asset level and discount the separate investment management fees.

* Based on total value of all assets under management. Not tiered.

Service Fees Structure | Reach One Teach One Financial | R1T1 | George Kao CFP ChFC CRPC MBA

Are you a DIYer?  You might not even need to work with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional at this stage.  Check out the turnkey Financial Monitoring system offered by our sister-company.


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