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Areas of Expertise

Our typical clients focus fall into one or more of the following areas.  


Pre-Retirement Planning


Equity Compensation


Post-Retirement Drawdown


Tax & Estate Planning


Asset Protection Review


Education Planning


Stewardship Giving


Portfolio Management


Services & Fees

Our goal is to offer services that work best for those at different life stages.  3 flexible options are available to ensure you have the support you need to assess, develop and implement a solid financial roadmap so that you will make informed financial decisions and achieve your long-term financial goals.


Financial Wellness Monitoring

Financial Wellness Monitoring


On-Demand Advice







Services & Fees

Our primary goal is to offer services that cater to people who are in different life stages.  We offer a range of flexible options to ensure you have the support you need to have a solid roadmap to help make informed financial decisions and achieve your long-term financial goals.


Financial Wellness Monitoring

Much like going to a doctor who checks your blood pressure, temperature, weight, height, etc. to see how you're doing at that moment, Financial Wellness Monitoring allows us to get a current assessment of your overall financial wellness.  We monitor metrics like Savings Rate, Burn Rate, Liquid Term, just to name a few.  This enables our CFP® professional to assess and answer any questions you may have regarding your financial health.

This is the most cost-effect and cost-efficient way to engage with a CFP® professional.

Starts at 



Advice Only

Our Advice-only service offers clients the convenience and flexibility of personalized support on an as-needed basis. Our CFP® professional is available to meet with you to discuss a wide range of financial topics. With our Advice-only services, clients have the opportunity to get tailored advice and support without committing to a long-term financial planning relationship.

Due to the nature of this service, a minimum of 1.5 hours is required for new clients.

Based on availability.

New Clients

Repeat Clients
per hour


Financial Planning

Our full-service financial planning and optional portfolio management services provide clients with a comprehensive and holistic approach for all their financial goals and desires. You have unlimited access to our CFP® professional who partners closely with you to develop a personalized financial plan.  Financial Wellness Monitoring is also included to help us make timely adjustments so that you can achieve your long-term financial desires. 

We limit the number of Financial Planning clients we take on to ensure we engage deeply with our clients and their families.

New Clients


Our flexible set of services offers the best way for you to use our expertise for your specific situation.  Select each to learn more.

Tribe R1T1 Member

The easiest way to get started is by becoming a member of Tribe R1T1.  As a member, you'll get:


  • Access to Financial Health Monitoring mobile app

  • Complimentary 15-min initial review with CFP® professional ($100 in value)

  • For each 3-months you stay a member, you'll get 15-minutes of complimentary time with CFP® professional.  This can be used in that one quarter (based on availability), or can be rolled over from quarter to quarter.  A maximum of 2 hours can be "banked," which could be used for a 2-hour review with a CFP professional every two years!  ($1000 in value!)

  • Quarterly progress reports

  • The One-Page Plan

  • Free monthly financial education webinars

  • Free monthly office hours with CFP® professional

  • 20% off year-round access to 1-on-1 CFP® professional

  • 20% off all a la cart services

  • Access to personal newsletter from our founder

  • $250 setup fee is waived for NEW members

Price: $38/month


Also find us at:

Phone: 888-877-1138




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