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  • Do I have to live in or around the Phoenix area to work with you?
    Not at all. I work with anyone within the United States. This is important to me as I want to reach and teach as many people as I can regarding their financial challenges and goals. Meetings with non-local clients are conducted through online meetings tools like Zoom, and forms and new account paperwork are signed electronically. You can also securely upload your current investment statements to me anytime for my feedback.
  • What if I don't have a lot of assets currently, but want someone to guide me?
    I was in your shoes at one point. With my best interest at heart, I wish someone would have guided me without requiring any minimum asset level. This is what I've set out to do. I'm not a Bone Collector. Managing your investment assets is not a requirement at Reach One Teach One. We've made access to a CFP® professional even more affordable with the Financial Pulse. With both the Standard and the Pro versions, you have an update-to-date "pulse" of your financial health, and access to a CFP® professional for advice when needed. Learn more about Financial Pulse.
  • Are you a fiduciary?
    A fiduciary is a person or an entity that acts in the best interest of another person. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, we are bound by the Fiduciary Duty outlined in Section A.1. of the "Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct" published by the CFP Board. This means we must act in the best interest of our clients. However, not all CFP® professionals are created equal, particularly if they operate under a Fee-Based structure, which creates a potential conflict of interest. Make sure to download our "4 Questions to Ask when Interviewing a Financial Advisor" to sniff out those who have those conflicts of interest. George Kao is a fee-only fiduciary advisor.
  • What is Financial Planning?
    There's a great article describing what Financial Planning is at Investopedia. From my perspective, simply put, Financial Planning is your personalized roadmap that locates where you are now on the map, where you're trying to go, and maps the course of action for you to get from here to there. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, my job is to be the your guide on your journey. Things inevitably come up along the way, and I will be with you every step of the way as we navigate across the often-foreign terrains of life. Here's a great video that describes the value of this process.
  • What is Fee-Only and how is it different from Fee-Based?
    There are major differences: Fee-Only financial advisors are paid solely by their clients through monthly service fees or fees directly from managing your portfolio. Fee-Only advisors do not receive commissions or compensation from any other sources. This independence from financial products they recommend to clients reduces the potential conflicts of interest or bias and dramatically increases the chances that your advisor has your best interests at heart. Fee-Based financial advisors may receive both fees from clients and commissions or compensation from other sources. What other sources, you ask? These include, but not limited to, commissions from insurance companies, mutual fund companies, referral fees, and/or bonus trips from their parent firm or broker. A fee-based structure may introduce unwanted monetary influence on how an advisor manages a portfolio or makes a recommendation. Reach One Teach One Financial is a fee-only advisory firm. George Kao is a fee-only financial advisor and is also a proud member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors and the Fee-Only Network. NAPFA members must adhere to demanding practice requirements, including fee-only compensation, continuing education, comprehensive planning, and fiduciary commitments. As a result, NAPFA members can recommend financial products without being influenced by compensation and truly advocate for their clients' best interests. It's essential to understand the compensation structure of a financial advisor and how it may affect their recommendations. Download our helpful guide called "4 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Financial Advisor" in our Resources section.
  • How much does it cost to get an initial consultation?
    Our initial introductory meeting is complimentary. This time allows us both to learn more about each other and ensure your needs line up with my services. You can schedule an Introductory Meeting on my website or call my office at 888-877-1138 to schedule.
  • Do you have an investment minimum to work with you?
    The short answer is no. Our services at Reach One Teach One are available to help anyone who desires help. We designed the Financial Pulse program to be a low-cost solution for those with fewer assets to engage with a CFP® professional. Our flat-fee Financial Planning clients vary in the amount of assets they have. You do not need to have a minimum investible asset to engage with us, only a heart and genuine desire for someone to come alongside you to be your guide. Our On-Demand Advice enables you to engage with a CFP® professional without a large up-front commitment. See our Services page to learn more.
  • Can I just calculate my own numbers to keep track of?
    The short answer is, of course, you can. The long answer: As with most technological advances, the time savings with these tools is tremendous. Instead of hours to collect and calculate, it can be done in a fraction of the time. We also automate the process for you to update numbers that are not automatically updated, such as your business income and valuation. Best of all, your data is visible to our team. If you have a specific question, or notice anything that's "off", you can schedule time with our CFP® professional to review and assess your situation, which is included depending on the level of ClubOne membership you choose.
  • If I use Mint, do I still need the mobile app in ClubOne?
    Mint is a good account aggregator. It allows you to see all of your accounts in one place. Together with its budgeting function, Mint is a great everyday tool. ClubOne's purpose is different. It aggregates your accounts for immediate diagnosis. Specific metrics such as Savings Rate, Equity Term, and Liquid Term are calculated. These numbers give us a good gauge of how you're doing financially. Are you saving enough? Do you have too much uninvested liquid assets? If you lose your income tomorrow, how long before you're "in trouble"? ClubOne gives us a snapshot of your financial health. If you have a Financial Roadmap, the mobile app tells us how you're tracking toward your goals on your roadmap.


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